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  • Petition: CCW Permits

    San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore is no leader when it comes to the safe and responsible handling of firearms.

    Currently, under Gore: The standard to obtain a concealed carry permit (CCW) for personal protection is arbitrary and unclear.

    Self-defense is not considered good cause for the issuance of a CCW, until you’ve been victimized. Time and again, Gore has avoided his statutory responsibility to set consistent and clearly understood regulations regarding concealed carry. (See San Diego Union Tribune Article)

    Please sign the petition if you agree:

    • Law-abiding citizens who pass background checks, and rigorous training and safety courses approved by the Sheriff’s Department, should be granted CCW permits when they demonstrate good cause.
    • Personal protection = Good cause.


  • Petition: Body Worn Cameras

    “The Sheriff’s slow walk into the 21st century is getting old” – The San Diego Union Tribune

    Sheriff Bill Gore has finally announced that body worn cameras will be introduced to the Sheriff’s Department. You might think the leadership of the Sheriff’s department has now embraced transparency, but don’t get too excited. Here are the facts:

    1. After 2+ years of “studying” the department will issue cameras to 60 deputies
    2. It will be several more months before our 860 field deputies are issued cameras
    3. This initiative does nothing to address transparency nor de-escalation in our jails or courts
    4. There will still be nearly 2000 deputies who are not issued cameras.

    18 months ago, I introduced a body worn camera initiative to Sheriff Bill Gore for all deputies in the department. Gore stalled this project so he could steer the contract to an old friend. The Sheriff has delayed and even sacrificed justice to do favors for his friends.

    At the County, we’re 3-5 years behind leading law enforcement agencies. While these agencies are bringing cameras into jails and other facilities, we’re just now getting them in the field.

    Sign your name below and tell Bill Gore that San Diego demands and deserves full, not partial transparency TODAY!

  • Survey: Opinions on Law Enforcement

  • Survey: "The War on Drugs"

    During my 32 years in law enforcement, I’ve seen quite a few versions of “the war on drugs.” None have been very effective.

    Today, we respond to an alarmingly high number of overdoses from prescription opioids. Crack continues to kill and too many San Diegans see the escalating damage done by methamphetamine, firsthand in our own neighborhoods.

    Meanwhile, the San Diego County Sheriff, the Board of Supervisors, and even Donald Trump’s Department of Justice, are wasting public resources to keep marijuana illegal.

    As citizens and taxpayers, your opinions matter. Please share yours in our survey, below.