PRESS RELEASE: Dave Myers Renews Pledge to Release All Body-Worn Camera Footage


Democrat Candidate for Sheriff Vows to Eliminate Delays in Release of Footage
& to Post Online for Public Access

San Diego, CA – Citing a need to restore the public’s faith in the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, Democratic candidate for San Diego County Sheriff Dave Myers released the following statement:

“The public deserves more accountability from the Sheriff’s Department. As Sheriff, I vow to institute a system that will allow the public to access all body-worn camera video. Our goal will be to make this footage available online within 24 hours after an incident. The time has come for our department to utilize the technology available to us and start the process of rebuilding the public’s trust.

“People need to know that when they call the Sheriff’s Department asking us for our help, they will receive it, along with the respect they deserve,” Myers continued. “When I’m elected Sheriff, I plan to bring transparency and accountability back to the office.”

Myers also stated that sensitive footage involving children, victims of domestic violence, or other incidents may be redacted to protect victims of crime.

Myers is a Sheriff’s Commander and 33-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department who has been outspoken in his campaign against his boss, Sheriff Bill Gore. Since announcing, Myers has been reassigned, removed from the chain of command, and relocated to an office that was formerly a closet.