Statement on Policies Targeting Legal Marijuana


Candidate for San Diego County Sheriff Dave Myers Urges Sheriff Gore to Respect the Will of the Voters and the Needs of Medical Patients

San Diego, CA – On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the White House will rescind the federal policy of non-interference with states where voters or legislatures have legalized marijuana for medical or other purposes. This move creates a great deal of uncertainty for large numbers of law-abiding citizens in California and the 28 other states that have legalized marijuana in some form.

Candidate for Sheriff, Dave Myers issued the following statement through his campaign:

“This is a backward policy that threatens patients, producers, and caregivers, as well as grown adults who, as voters, have made it clear they can and will make their own decisions about how they live. It’s a sad day when government decides granny can’t have safe access to her glaucoma medicine, or that the veteran returning from combat must worry about being arrested for their choice of PTSD treatment.

“In San Diego County, this is especially troubling, since our top law enforcement officials have fought decriminalization, and have conducted some over-the-top raids against law-abiding citizens with SWAT teams armed to the teeth. This move supports the further growth of criminal enterprises that do nothing to guarantee a product is safe or to keep it out of the hands of children.

“Nationally, this is a move to support pharmaceutical companies who have manufactured an epidemic of addiction and death, while lining the pockets of politicians. Locally, this supports an outdated and fear-based approach to marijuana by Sheriff Gore. Meanwhile, the Sheriff has failed to formulate a coherent strategy to address the meth or opioid crises. This is a major letdown for the people, and for police officers nationwide who entered this career with a desire to fight the real bad guys. I urge the Sheriff to refrain from his past tactics of targeting law abiding citizens, medical patients, and small businesses.”

Dave Myers currently serves as a Sheriff’s Commander and is the only challenger to sitting Sheriff Bill Gore in an election that will be decided in the June primary. Gore was last reelected in 2014, when he ran unopposed for the position. Gore published his thoughts on legalized marijuana in an op-ed to the San Diego Union Tribune, shortly before voters passed Prop 64 in 2016.